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The Galluzzo’s have been operating in Hornsby for over 25 years and as a family business they offer a combined experience of more than 100 years. For many years their reputation grew as ‘North Shore Tailors’ and still today, they are operating in the same outlet of Westfiled Hornsby where it all began. Changing their name to ‘Galluzzo North Shore Tailors’ in 2014, allowed them to not only promote their business name, but their family name as well. The Galluzzo name of tailors is all about exclusively handcrafted stylized tailoring and they pride themselves with exceptional quality and outstanding customer service – The Tradition Continues!

Traditional style of Italian tailoring has won Galluzzo countless small business awards, and they contuinue to impress with their highly recommended and highly sort-after quality craftsmanship. Situated in Westfield Shopping plaza Hornsby, Galluzzo is ideally located with easy access by train, car or bus – and parking is a breeze!

Weddings – Black Tie – Formal Wear – Tailor Made – Bespoke – Menswear – Corporate – Alterations – Suits – Shoes – Shirts – Cufflinks – Bow Ties – Ties – Buy or Hire, Galluzzo offers the complete selection, so why not pop-in to our specialist store at Westfield Hornsby !

Galluzzo (North Shore Tailors)

Galluzzo Tailors are able to bring your wedding party to life with design, quality, elegance and style. They will provide you with the perfect wedding suits from traditional classics to the very latest contemporary look or slim fit suit.

Whether you wish to purchase or hire, Vince or Giuseppe will ensure you receive the best possible personal service and advice for your special Wedding occasion.

Galluzzo specializes in a menswear section which caters not only for the average person but also for someone who’s alternate sizing prevents them from purchasing at a general menswear store.

The Galluzzo menswear section caters for all – UNDERSIZE & OVERSIZE – IN FACT ANY SIZE !

Accessorize your suits with a variety of cufflinks, ties and belts – A wide variety of suits are always available on the premises:

Utilising the Galluzzo’s in-depth experience and many years of tailoring knowledge, you will be ensured to receive the best advice enabling you to step out with confidence that your new suit fits well – and in all the right places!

Galluzzo Tailors have the following:
• A Wide variety of suits on the premises
• Latest styles
• Extensive range of fabrics to choose from
• All price points from low to high
• Complete range of Shirts- all colors and styles

Galluzzo provides the highest quality custom clothing and tailoring services available. For the men we design hand-cut tailored suits, tuxedos, sports coats, blazers, dress shirts and slacks
– and for the women, blouses, trousers, skirts and suits – all to compliment individual body types.

When making a suit our customers receive individual attention and will have a choice among thousands of fabrics by Holland and Sherry and more from all over the world.

Having a suit custom made to your personal specifications requires a meticulous hand-crafted process where each garment is expertly tailored, hand cut, sewn and finished by our master tailors Aldo, Giuseppe and Vince.

When you have an important corporate event coming up, let Galluzzo Tailors get you there in style without any of the usual hassle.

We’ll even come to your offices to measure up and go through our range of evening wear. The suit is then delivered to either your home or work address. It’s then up to you to enjoy your corporate event confident in the knowledge that Galluzzo have got you there in well fitted style.

We would like to extend an invitation for you to come in and visit our showroom and personally view our latest designed suits and accessories. Galluzzo’s of Hornsby takes the hassle out of renting or buying and our in-store inventory features a large selection of tuxedos, formal shirts, vests and accessories to suit your rental and retail needs.

Step into Westfield shopping Centre at Hornsby and try on our huge selection. Alterations are done on the spot so your tux is ready when you need it!

Galluzzo – (North Shore Tailors) – your one stop shop
Over 14 precise measurements assures proper fit, regardless of style or fabric.


96% of our Galluzzo customers surveyed wanted to receive individual attention!


82% of our customers return for their 2nd, 3rd & 4th Tailor-made or bespoke suit.

Meet the Team

Vince Galluzzo
Vince GalluzzoOwner
Continuing the 100 year tradition! The Galluzzo family name has always echoed the sound of fine tailoring and to be part of that whilst ensuring the highest of standards is why we are second to none.
Aldo Galluzzo
Aldo GalluzzoFounder
As the Founder of Galluzzo I have enjoyed watching the growth and exciting changes of our Company over the decades. I am proud to say that the succesful family tradition of tailoring continues on with Vince & Giuseppe!
Giuseppe Galluzzo
Giuseppe GalluzzoOwner
As a dedicated and proud co-owner of the business, and on behalf of my Family, we are proud to continue to offer the latest technology and supreme quality that makes Galluzzo the finest it can be.

Continuing the Galluzzo Tradition – Without Compromise!