Galluzzo tailors provides the highest quality custom clothing and tailoring services. For the men we design hand-cut tailored suits, tuxedos, sports coats, blazers, dress shirts and slacks – and for the women, blouses, trousers, skirts and suits – all to compliment individual body types
When making a suit our customers receive individual attention and will have a choice among thousands of fabrics by Holland and Sherry and more from all over the world.

Having a suit custom made to your personal specifications requires a meticulous hand-crafted process and each garment is expertly tailored, hand cut, sewn and finished by our master tailors Aldo, Giuseppe and Vince.

Over 14 precise measurements assures proper fit, regardless of style or fabric.

All Galluzzo Tailors (North Shore Tailors) jackets are fully lined and seams are reinforced and double stitched for maximum durability – A wide choice of linings and buttons are also available.

The Bespoke Process

Bespoke is a term that originates from an era when customers would choose cloth from bolts And the fabric was then considered to be spoken for. It has come to mean tailoring with specific measurements and original patterns for each customer as opposed
to made to measure which uses a pre-existing pattern.

Step One

Measurements and style
While taking 14 different measurements the tailor also notes the customers stance, the slope of his shoulders and whether both sides of his body are even. The Tailor establishes what style the customer wants whether it’s double-breasted, single breasted and builds a rapport. Communication is very important. It’s not just the measurements, it’s understanding expectations what the customer wants.

Step Two

Choosing Fabric

There is a variety of different fabrics From all over the world to choose from. pure wool to cashmere and basic blends of fabric. An endless amount of patterns & colours.

Step Three

Pattern drafting
Individual templates created for each client based upon measurements and chosen style . Cutting is a vital stage. The better the cut the more straight forward the process.

Good cutting reduces the need for multiple fittings.

Step Four

Cutting the cloth
Clients often think the more fittings the better, but the more you can do at the beginning, at the cutting stage, the better the outcome.

Step Five

Canvas and hand stitching
The wool , cotton and horsehair layers of interlining create the super structure for the suit.

The chosen fabric is draped over the shell, which is then lined. Painstaking hand stitching creates a shape that is not necessarily the shape of the client, but ensures a flattering line as well as free movement and comfort.